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Saturday, January 9, 2010

i have a Tumor called "Ganglion"

byk bnde y nak dcrite, dtaip n sbgnye tapi ayat takde lak.. guane tu? em... let me think ya..

dah 1 setengah jam ni..huhu

tik tOk tik tOk

haaa... kite bercerite pasal GANGLION la ye.. dmane maria kene pyakit ganglion kat ats tgn kanan. Ganglion ni sejenis ktumbuhan.. bukan parasit atau spora ye..

based on internet Ganglion is >>
What is it?
  • In the hand, a ganglion is a particular type of lump which shows up next to a joint or a tendon. Inside, it is like a balloon filled with a thick liquid. It may be soft or hard, may or may not be painful, and may get bigger or smaller on its own. It may also be referred to as a mucous cyst, a mucinous cyst or a synovial cyst.
What caused it?
  • Normally, joints and tendons are lubricated by a special liquid which is sealed in a small compartment. Sometimes, because of arthritis, an injury, or just for no good reason, a leak occurs from the compartment. Now, the liquid is thick, like honey, and if the hole is small, it can be like having a pinhole in a tube of toothpaste - when you squeeze the tube, even though the hole is small and the toothpaste is thick, it will leak out - and once it is out, there is no way it can go back in on its own. It works almost like a one way valve, and fills up a little balloon next to the area of the leak. When we use our hands for normal activities, our joints squeeze and create a tremendous pressure in the lubricating compartment - this can pump up a balloon leak with so much pressure that it feels as hard as a bone.
  • The lubricating liquid has special proteins dissolved in it which make it thick and also make it hard for the body to absorb it when it has leaked out. The body tries to absorb the liquid, but may only be able to draw out the water, making it even more thick. Usually, by the time the lump is big enough to see, the liquid has gotten to be as thick as jelly.
selanjutnye tengok je la gmb ni.. nak mengarang takde idea lak skg..
yg pasti skrg ni btambah pulih. Alhamdulillah.

tgn kanan ni still tak leh grip n jari tlunjuk kebas lagi n tak leh nak bengkok.
rawatan sterusnye pade 8 Februari 2010..
nmpaknye kene Fisioterapi la nii...


fik-autoz said...

kesiannya.......semoga ko cepat sembuh.

amazing m a r i a said...

tq2 =)
alhamdulillah, so far ok. cume kne g fisiotrapi je nih

azie ismail said...

maria skang ade lg ke?.....

amazing m a r i a said...

azie : yep.. tmbuh bt kali ke 3.. ke 2 da pecah.. y 1st da OP..
y ke 3 ni blm check dkte lagi.. doakn smg slamat ye :)